connect, woman typing on laptop, network like a girl

Network Like A Girl

by Kathy Dando October 18, 2020 Business Development

Network Like A Girl. Done right, networking helps women identify role models, find mentors, and expand their business opportunities. Pay

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it's all about relationships, tips for successful networking

5 Tips for Successful Networking

by Kathy Dando October 12, 2020 Business Development

The best networkers are often connectors who help others by referring customers, providing resources, testimonials & recommendations, or helping to

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networking the #1 unwritten rule for success

Networking: The #1 Unwritten Rule of Business Success

by Kathy Dando October 05, 2020 Business Development

“Networking is the #1 unwritten rule of success in business” - Sallie Krawcheck People do business with people they know, like

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Old Classic Metronome, create a new rhythm

Courage to Create A New Rhythm

by Kathy Dando September 10, 2020 Business Development

A global pandemic has brought disruption to the rhythm of every aspect of life as we knew it: health, work,

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