Marketing Services

We Understand the Business Challenges You Face and Offer Marketing Services & Solutions to Align Your Sales and Marketing Efforts.


Sales and Marketing strategic leadership is desired, but resources do not allow for a full-time, permanent staffing position. Partnerships are customizable based on the evolving needs of the client.


Sales and Marketing teams often work in separate silos within organizations. My experience in both fields can help to align these critical departments.  A unified vision and road map for all team members working towards the same goals for your company’s success.


Your leadership team is immersed in running the day-to-day business. A flexible resource is needed to provide perspective on growth strategies, refine the vision, develop an actionable plan, and guide implementation for clear, measurable results.


Building/Increasing Awareness

Lead Generation & Management

Nurture Prospects through Customer Journey

Increase Conversion & Repeat Business


Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategy

KPI Development/Measurement/Reporting

Sales Support Content


Content Marketing Strategy & Content Creation Services

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Amazon Marketing & Advertising


Sponsorship Revenue Development

Influencer Program Development

Strategic Partnership Development


Creation of Diversified Revenue Streams

Multi-Channel Sales Development

Audience Development

Answers to Your Marketing Questions

Q: What is a marketing funnel used for?

A: A marketing funnel aids in connecting the dots between your marketing strategy and lead generation.  In order, to sell a product or service you must understand how people interact with your business and all the steps that turn them into customers. A marketing funnel will aid in understanding those key steps as well as lead to increased revenue, traffic, ROI, and repeat purchases.

Q: What is content marketing and how it works?

A: Content marketing attracts potential customers by offering them valuable, relevant, and consistent content. The objective is to create engagement and move them further along the sales funnel. It is critical in building organic SEO (the gift that keeps on giving) and traffic.  Basic types of content to consider include articles, blogs, e-books, e-courses, case studies, social media posts, infographics, email, audio, and videos.

Q: What is the importance of relevant content?

A: Changes to algorithms and regulations are never-ending, it is a must to stay on your toes if you are to remain relevant and rank higher in search results.  Google Search is committed to keeping search content useful and trustworthy.  Making your website page content more relevant to users by providing answers to their questions improves your rankings and visibility. Keywords are no longer enough.

Q: What does an SEO specialist do?

A: Short answer, they help your product or service be found in the very noisy world of online. An SEO specialist optimizes your website to improve website rankings on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube and produce relevant search results to maximize traffic.

Q: How the emphasis on data privacy in digital marketing is going to change advertisers’ ability to target and track prospects?

A: Q4 2020, Apple announced that IOS 14.3 will come with standard privacy features preventing Facebook from tracking your “off platform” behavior to feed their big data algorithm. We have known for a while that ITP and no third-party cookies will affect tracking and reduce our reliance on remarketing. This is going to place a heavy emphasis on the need to monitor and optimize the entire user journey (not just the conversion event). The Customer Journey just became that much more important! Marketers will need to know where their ideal customers go, how often they visit, what competitors they are shopping at – as much as can be known about the offline customer journey.  If you are not already focusing on how to get better first party data, start soon.

Q: Why is video so effective in marketing?

A: 2020 forced many business owners online. Social media has proven to be both effective and cost-friendly in growing businesses online today. However, the days of perfectly posed or edited images are gone. Instagram is no longer a place for photographers to show their photos.  It is a content hub of videos, memes, live streaming, and reality TV-like stories. Businesses need to include video within their marketing efforts. Customers buy from brands that they feel connected to and video is the fastest way to create that connection.