Brand Marketing

Enhanced Content Pages for eCommerce Websites


September. 09, 20


Equishopper and Aurelia


Create Enhanced Content Pages for Conversion.

Enhanced Content Pages were created for both Equishopper and Aurelia to enable brand owners to deliver engaging product experiences and increase product sales conversions on their digital platforms.

Improve Buyer Confidence

Enhanced content is a chance to be informative, useful, and inviting. It gives the consumer everything they need to be confident with their buying decision.

Increase Conversions with Images & Videos

Our brains are wired to remember colors, images, and videos. In fact, we can process visuals about 60,000 times faster than text.  Adding videos gives your content up to 50 times more likely to rank higher on Google search results.

Increase Traffic to Enhanced Content Pages with SEO

On an eCommerce site, consumers tend to be ready to make a buying decision. In terms of their buyer journey, they’re in the middle to later stages.  The goal is to expand brand visibility for conversions. More clicks eventually drive sales.

Upgrade Conversions with Your Brand's Story

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.  Enhanced Content allows you the space to connect with your core audience. This connection lies at the root of your customer relationship.

Improve Trust & Loyalty with Descriptive Textual Content

Adding content is the key ingredient in promoting customer loyalty.  As a result, it dispels any possible questions or concerns.

Clearly Present Product Variants & Comparisons

Many products are usually sold in variations. Despite being in a similar product group, variations have subtle differences. These differences are important to highlight for a customer before they buy in order to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.